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Becky Gorman

For more than 20 years, Becky Gorman, PA-C has worked as a coach, facilitator, mentor, trainer, and speaker. She has impacted thousands of individuals through her corporate work and one-on-one consulting practice, has taught at the university level for more than a decade, and has delivered her unique insights to employees at U.S. and international firms, including Fortune 100 and 500 companies.

More About Becky

The Inner Dialogue

In all I do, I work from the philosophy that each of us innately knows what is best for ourselves. The answers and solutions are always with us. We may not always feel that way, though. When we’re encouraged to explore in an open and receptive environment, clarity emerges. Once we are clear, we take action and move forward far more easily. It’s quite powerful.

Be yourself and become the place where others can be themselves.

What We Do

Consulting & Workshops

I offer customized trainings and coaching to businesses and medical organizations—focusing on the areas of team building, presence-based communication, self-awareness, resilience, and leadership to increase productivity and deepen the culture of wellbeing in the work environment.

I collaborate with business innovation teams who wish to incorporate wellbeing and coaching skill initiatives into their organizations.

Through experiential learning opportunities, participants identify and clarify their core commitments, intentions, and values. Simple tools and models are provided to enhance conversation and support participants in aligning their commitments and values with meaningful plans to move forward.

Together we use creative questions, role-play experiences, interactive experiments, and self-reflective exercises to elicit deeper discovery and learning. Participants develop their own unique creative plans for change.

Work with Becky

I coach individuals and leaders with the same philosophy as in all of my work—that the individual holds the best solutions to their questions, dilemmas, and desired changes. I facilitate self-listening to arrive at personalized solutions. Together, through a conversation of discovery, artful questions, and self-reflective exercises, clients access their own knowledge and create plans that uniquely work for them to move forward.

Schedule a Consultation

I offer workshops in the areas of personal development. As with all of my work, I facilitate a learning environment where participants identify and clarify their core commitments, intentions and values … and explore what interferes with living true to those.

Workshop topics relate to the intersection of your personality and wellbeing—How does your personality impact your wellbeing choices, self-care, personal change, and resilience? Ultimately—How do we each align ourselves with our core commitments to live the life we most want?

All workshops include interactive, experiential exercises, dialogue, role-play experiences, and self-reflection exercises.

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